Internships, apprenticeships and trainee positions

Please contact us if you are studying a course in hospitality, catering or events management and require work placement for up to 12 months. We can create a program suitable to meet the criteria set by your university/college. Please contact the operations manager in the first instance at

Please find below an example trainee schedule:



Suggested Experiential Programme:

Week 1 - Induction
An induction document containing information on the hotel's history, service standards and operations procedures will be provided supplied to the student.

Day 1 - Housekeeping and Maintenance
Spend half a day with the housekeeping department to understand the standards of accommodation and the staffing structure in housekeeping.
Spend half a day with the maintenance manager and get an overview of the routine maintenance that is done at the hotel.

Day 2 - A day in the Restaurant
Spend a day with the restaurant staff during breakfast and lunch service before going on break. Return for dinner service.

Day 3 - Kitchen
Spend a day in the kitchen with breakfast and lunch service.

Day 4 - Reception
Spend a day with reception covering the basics of check-outs and check-ins as well as reservations.

Day 5 - Night Porter
Spend an evening with the night manager to get an overview of night audit and night duties.

Week 2 - Housekeeping

Spend a week with the housekeeping department covering:
- Room cleanliness and standards
- Ordering and control of cleaning equipment and chemicals
- Turndown service
- Linen service preparation, rotation and control.

Week 3 to 5 - Bar Service

Become familiar with service in the bar and courtyard area.
- Local and regional ales, ciders and bitters
- Wines, particularly house wines and wines available by the glass.
- Bar snacks preparation and service
- Teas and coffees
- Point of sales operation.
- Cleanliness and hygiene in the bar area.
- Cellar maintenance including ordering, par stocks and stock rotation.

Week 6 to 9 - Breakfast and Lunch Service
Become familiar with breakfast and lunch service in the restaurant and courtyard area.
- Breakfast set up and service to residents
- Breakfast service to outside guests
- Lunch set up and service in the restaurant, courtyard, lounge or bar area.
- Afternoon teas
- Linen sorting
- Cleanliness and hygiene in the restaurant and courtyard area

Week 7 to 10 - Dinner Service
Become familiar with dinner service in the restaurant and bar
- Table set ups and reservation planning
- Dinner service
- Wine set up and service
- After dinner drinks, specialty coffees etc.
- Linen sorting
- Cleanliness and hygiene in the restaurant and breakfast set up for the next morning.

Week 11 to 13 - Reception
Become familiar with reception department
- Daily reception duties
- Reservations and PMS operations
- Check ins
- Room orientations
- Check outs
- Telephone procedures
- Daily banking and float checks
- General guest service
- Correspondence checks