Hastings Castle

Hastings castle in England in 1066, William of Normandy erected two castles on the south coast in quick succession. Pevensey hastings castle was the first, with Hastings castle being constructed shortly before the great battle that changed the course of English history.

Originally the hastings castle would have been a simple wooden fort built on an earthen motte, and it is believed that these basic structures were transported by William, in pre-fabricated form, as part of his supplies.

William was crowned on Christmas Day 1066, and by 1070 had issued orders for the hastings castle at Hastings, together with the new St Mary's Chapel, to be rebuilt in stone. The Count of Eu held the hastings castle for most of the Norman period, although at one time King John ordered the hastings castle's destruction to stop it falling into the hands of the Dauphin Louis. Henry III was to re-fortify the hastings castle in c1220, and the hastings castle flourished until fate took a hand in 1287.


Address: West Hill, Old Town, Hastings
Web Address: www.hastingscastle.co.uk

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