Winchelsea Court Museum

Inside the Court Hall museum, displays illustrate the history of the Antient Town, since it was built by Edward I as a medieval "New Town" over 700 years ago, and about Winchelsea's position as Head Port of the Confederation of Cinque Ports.

The Court Hall is certainly one of the oldest buildings in the town. Though it was drastically restored in the sixteenth century, parts of it are probably as old as the town itself. Exhibits include maps, models, pictures, seals, local pottery and items of daily life from the area.

One of the most noteworthy features is the list of Mayors of Winchelsea shown on a series of oak boards. This list, far fuller than that of most towns, is complete from 1430 and is partially complete from 1295 when Mayors first replaced the King's Bailiffs.

Address: Winchelsea Court Hall Museum, High Street, Winchelsea, East Sussex
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