St.Mary in the Marsh

St Mary in the Marsh lies on a small single track road running through the heart of the Romney Marsh . It lies between New Romney , St Marys Bay , Newchurch and Ivychurch in one of the least populated areas in the marsh.

The name was originally Siwold's Circa meaning the burial ground on the wooded(Wold) island(Ie) but the later christians changed the name to remove its pagan history. A Ciric or Circa is a circular Celtic burial ground raised above ground level, to keep the dead dry.

The circular form is believed to be the celtic symbol of immortality. The current church was started about 1133 AD and was built by the Normans on top of an old wooden Saxon church.

The local smugglers used the church for storing smuggled goods as were most of the others on Romney Marsh .

The churchyard holds the grave of E(dith) Nesbit the author of the "Railway Children" who lived in Friston further along the coast in the south downs.

St Mary in the Marsh is one of those churches supported by the Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust.

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