St.Nicholas Church, New Romney

The Church building was sanctified in 1089, and only part of the building as it is today was built. The building was added to at a later date, this can be seen by the older part of the Church having rounded arches, whereas the newer part shows pointed arches. Around 1200 and before the great storm, the Church was on the coast. It is said that there are passages under the Church which were used by Smugglers. In 1287 a storm so great caused the landscape from Lympne to Winchelsea to change. St. Nicholas Church was covered with 4 feet of silt both inside and outside, however it seems that the local dignitaries decided not to clear the roads, leaving us today with a Church 4 foot below ground level, and the sea is around 1 mile away.


Address: Church Road, New Romney, Kent TN28 8TY
Tel: 01797.362.308

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